A new era full of opportunities begins in Can Yaman's life!
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25 March 2023 00:52


A new era full of opportunities begins in Can Yaman’s life!

Famous actor Can Yaman continues his struggle to introduce himself to the world and in a sense to be accepted in Italy. The actor, who has done very well so far, has managed to be on the agenda in Italy.

Continuing his career in this country for about a year, Can Yaman both took part in advertising works, took social responsibility steps and made an agreement for 2 TV series.

Can Yaman will take a step in the coming days, which will be considered as an introduction to the Italian TV series and cinema industry, which he has been preparing for so far. With this step, many opportunities will come to the actor’s feet. Because after taking part in TV series in Italy, Can Yaman may receive offers for similar projects in many countries of the world. This will bring significant opportunities.

After the series named Sandokan was postponed to 2022, it was revealed that Can Yaman will take part in the detective series Viola Come Il Mare. The famous actor will be on the set as of September 27 and will try to impress his fans once again with his police character.

Can Yaman will accompany the Italian beauty Francesca Chillemi in this series. The series, which will be broadcast on Canale5 television, will also be a major turning point in Can Yaman’s Italian career.

With this step, the actor will be able to become a part of the Italian TV series and cinema industry and will have passed an important bend in the career ladder.

The image of Can Yaman in his new series also appeared, and this photo, which spread on social media, attracted great attention from his fans.

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