A new step from the Tuzak series that increases the excitement even more!
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5 February 2023 07:20


A new step from the Tuzak series that increases the excitement even more!

The broadcast date of the new TV series Tuzak (Trap) has been announced recently! It is getting ready to come to the screen with its first episode on Wednesday, October 19th. The series, which has been preparing for months and started shooting, has managed to attract the attention of wide audiences before it even starts!

The series, starring Akın Akınözü, Bensu Soral and Talat Bulut, has a strong story. Akınözü’s domestic and foreign fans have been eagerly waiting for the series for a long time. The actor has a huge fan base along with Hercai. The TV series he starred in also attracts great attention abroad.

The series, which will start broadcasting on Wednesday evenings, is about a revenge story. Tv8’s ambitious production of the new season, The Tuzak, will be on the screen a week later. New moves that will increase the excitement are also coming on top of each other! Finally, the sharing of a frame from the poster shoot enchanted the fans of Bensu Soral and Akın Akınözü, who were eagerly awaiting the series!

The new poses of the two actors, who are already well-suited to each other as on-screen partners, were greatly appreciated. After Akınözü’s similar image in the TV series Hercai and Kaderimin Oyunu (Game of Destiny), his shorter hair, hair and beard was appreciated by his fans.

While the interest in the series, which came from a rumble, was increasing, the viewers loved the poses of the two actors, who will also be the heroes of a love story, with this new photo published!

The slogan of the series, in which the revenge story of three brothers Umut, Mahir and Umay, whose childhood was taken away from them, was also presented with the poster. The phrase “If you steal someone’s dreams, you will burn with the fire of hell” is almost like the summary of the story of the series!

In the series where Akın Akınözü gives life to the character of Lawyer Umut, Bensu Soral’s seemingly impossible love story with the character of Ceren is also eagerly awaited. The screen compatibility of the duo is also a matter of curiosity…

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