A surprise gift to Farah Zeynep Abdullah
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1 October 2022 20:11


A surprise gift to Farah Zeynep Abdullah

The series of The Innocents, broadcast on TRT1 screens, was one of the most striking works of the season. Farah Zeynep Abdullah, who gave life to the character of İnci in the series, also makes her talk with her acting. With Inci, the wife of the Han played by Birkan Sokullu, the actress returned to the screen again and is appreciated for her successful acting.

The fact that Farah Zeynep Abdullah dye some parts of her blond hair in blue at the same time creates a different image on the screen. Her image in the new drama is completely natural, like someone from the street.

In an interview with Ayşe Arman, the actress said that they pay particular attention to this situation and they try to reflect İnci as it is in life.

Abdullah creates the feeling of “one of us, one of us” on the screen with the character of İnci, after women with blow-dry hair, full make-up and high heels.

At the same time, her clothing inspires younger generations with the shape of her hair. By the way, it inspired the doll!

Farah Zeynep Abdullah posted a video of her grandmother Saadet Demiriz on her Instagram page.

The baby in the hands of the grandmother was made for one of their relatives Farah Zeynep Abdullah. This doll, which comes as a gift, is also inspired by the character of İnci.

Like her, her hair is dyed blonde and blue. Farah Zeynep Abdullah shared this gift, which she liked very much, with her followers on Instagram.

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