A tearful sacrifice in the Destan series!
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1 December 2022 12:26


A tearful sacrifice in the Destan series!

Continuing its screen journey at the top of the ratings, ‘Destan’ will take your breath away with its third episode to be broadcast on ATV at 20.00 on Tuesday evening. The second trailer of the new episode of the series gave the good news of a magnificent episode.

In the third part of the Destan, Akkız, who was brought to the Sky Palace as a prisoner and started to realize the great throne game acted around her, joins her forces with Batuga in order to survive in the palace. In order to protect Akkız, Batuga throws himself forward, risking the game he has been acting for years to be ruined.

After Alpagu Khan won the life and death battle and stood up, he asked one question: “What happened while I was dying? While Alpagu Khan asks for an account of what happened in the fight for the throne, which escalated in his absence, Çolpan Hatun, who plans to reach the throne, is arrested pending trial.

In the midst of this struggle that will determine the future of the Gök Khanate, Akkız and Batuga cannot trust anyone but each other.

Production and project design belongs to Mehmet Bozdağ; Directed by Emir Khalilzadeh and written by Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz and Nehir Erdem, “Destan” starring Ebru Şahin, Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar will continue to leave its mark on Tuesdays on ATV screens.

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