The final announcement has been made for the Star TV series!
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26 November 2022 07:14


The final announcement has been made for the Star TV series!

The popular TV series ‘Ada Masalı’ signed by Ay Yapım bids farewell to the screens with its 25th episode to be broadcast on Saturday, December 11th. The introduction from the final episode of the series met with the audience.

Haziran (Ayça Ayşin Turan) and Poyraz (Alp Navruz) are finally getting married in the promotion published from the final episode of “Ada Masalı”, which adds color to Star TV screens. While Haziran’s henna night is the scene of entertaining moments, the romantic couple sits at the wedding table with a fairy-tale wedding.

The final episode of “Ada Masalı”, where surprising developments will take place, is already eagerly awaited. Fans of the series highlighted the Ada Masalı by sharing millions of posts on social media. This series is one of the most talked about topics.

The leading actors were also number one on the most talked about list of social media. However, this did not keep the series going.

The cast of the series, which is directed by Ali Bilgin and directed by Özgür Cute, includes the following names: Ayça Ayşin Turan, Alp Navruz, Nihan Büyükağaç, İpek Tenolcay, Bülent Çolak, Rami Narin, Merve Nur Bengi, Fatih Yücebağ, Özge Demirtel , Ilkay Akdagli, Can Kahraman, Eylul Ersoz and Bedia Ener.

“Ada Masalı” will be on Star TV with its final episode on Saturday, December 11th at 20.00!

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