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6 July 2022 09:29


Actress Bade İşçil

Profile Name: Bade Iscil Birthdate: August 8, 1983 Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey Height: 173 cm Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blond Education: Yeditepe University Fashion Designer (Yeditepe Universitesi Moda ve Desen Tasarimi) Spouse: Mahsun Kirmizigul (m. 1998–2005), Malkoc Sualp (m. 2013) Biography: Bade Iscil was born in Istanbul. Her parents are of Bulgarian and Romanian descent. She took acting lessons from Umit Cirak and Ipek Bilgin. Bade Iscil became very popular with her role Sebnem in popular Turkish drama Ezel. She aims to open her fashion house and design haute-cauture cloths.

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