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6 July 2022 03:27


Strange in the scenario of the Wounded Love series

Levent Aktas wrote:

How did General Cevdet fool the Greek Commander Filippos?

Problems started in the scenario of the Wounded Love series.

The history of the Greek occupation in Izmir is based on the question of the situation of General Cevdet.

General Cevdet, who leaked to the Greek army, was deciphered many times but succeeded in persuading Greek commanders.

Cevdet escaped from the army once more when he was to be executed in full in 47th Division.

Cevdet immediately found and killed Hamilton, the spy of Entente States.

General Cevdet persuaded Greek Commander Filippos to be the main spy Hamilton in 30 seconds

General Cevdet returned to his former role with his simple moves of his screenwriters.

It looks like your record will break a record of laundering up to the finals of your series!

The scenario of the Wounded Love series has begun to have serious problems.

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