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13 August 2022 00:44


After Maria and Mustafa, the same fate was experienced in the series Kanunsuz Topraklar!

Master director Faruk Teber took over all the works of the TV series Maria and Mustafa last season and took part in the project as a director for a while. However, when everything was in order, Faruk Teber handed over his duty to young names.

The master director also created an important environment for one of the most challenging projects of the new season, Kanunsuz Topraklar. Faruk Teber, who did great research to reflect that period in the best way for the story set in 1939, created a nice atmosphere with his teammates in the series.

Faruk Teber’s careful work, paying attention to every scene, paying attention to details, and advancing by considering the conditions of the period, was a great opportunity for Kanunsuz Topraklar.

The series is broadcast on Fox TV on Wednesday evenings, and each new episode continues to attract attention. The time has come for separation in the series, which was under the direction of Faruk Teber until the 6th episode.

After the master director put everything in order and ensured the continuity of the project, he left the production. Faruk Teber entrusted the project to the late people this year, as he did in the TV series Maria and Mustafa last year.

The departure of the master director from the series also made the audience worry about whether the following episodes would be shot with the same care and perspective.

It is already known that if the fans of the series feel the difference with the first 6 episodes from the seventh episode, this situation will be talked about a lot on social media.

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