After the final decision for Aşkın Tarifi, everyone's mind remained on the Baht Oyunu series!
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30 March 2023 10:26


After the final decision for Aşkın Tarifi, everyone’s mind remained on the Baht Oyunu series!

It is noteworthy that the Baht Oyunu series, which continues to meet with the audience on Tuesday evenings on Kanal D screen, has recently started to have rating problems. After the final decision for Aşkın Tarifi, the fans of the series are also very nervous.

Kanal D has already made the final decision for one of its two romantic comedies on the screen. The screen journey of Aşkın Tarifi, starring Kadir Doğulu and Serra Arıtürk, will only last 13 episodes. Unfortunately, the last 3 episodes of the remaining series will be canceled due to low ratings.

Aşkın Tarifi fans are disappointed and criticize Kanal D’s decision. In addition, this situation had a very negative effect on the fans of the Baht Oyunu series. Because there is a decrease in the ratings of the series…

The ratings of the series starring Aytaç Şaşmaz and Cemre Baysel are below average. With the approach of September, the decision days for the series are approaching… Starting from September, the channels will start to screen their new series. At the point of showing the rise for the Baht Oyunu , the time has narrowed.

This is what worries fans of the series. Maybe the Baht Oyunu is very popular and has strong support, but September can be very annoying in terms of ratings.

Unfortunately, the number of people who watch the Baht Oyun series on television is not as much as those who watch the trailers on the internet. Two trailers from the 10th episode of the series were shared. Before the 10th episode, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, August 24, the interest in these trailers was very high.

The 1st trailer of the 10th episode published on the Baht Oyunu youtube channel was watched 3.4 million times in 4 days. The second trailer received 3.7 million views in just 1 day.

In other words, the fans of the series show great interest in the new episode on social media. However, the fact that this high interest is not reflected in the ratings does not go unnoticed. Let’s see if the Baht Oyunu series will be able to increase its ratings in the coming weeks.

If the ratings continue to be low, it will be more difficult for Kanal D to support the series after September.

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