After the last decision of Fox TV, Son Yaz entered a critical period!
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2 December 2022 06:55


After the last decision of Fox TV, Son Yaz entered a critical period!

Son Yaz series, which started its second season on Fox TV screens, took its place in the Saturday competition. The series, which was broadcast on Friday evenings last season, was shifted to Saturday evenings due to the good performance of Aşk Logic İntikam. This change revealed the competition situation with 2 TV series with high audience loyalty, such as Gönül Dağı and Kardeşlerim.

Both the Gönül Dağı and Kardeşlerim TV series continue on their way with the audience power they have accumulated from the last season. However, Son Yaz series had a difficult rating process in the last season, but the second season had a chance when the audience remained loyal. With the start of the new season, the story moved to a very different atmosphere.

It was a big handicap that the ratings were low for Son Yaz, which was much more interesting than the first season and featured high shooting quality and acting performances… Because for Fox TV, the rating matters, not the series. We have seen this with the final decision of the production called Uzak Şehrin Masalı, although it started very ambitious and came to the screen with a very good cast.

Son Yaz series fans are also worried about the low ratings. Because if the series does not enter a serious rise, it is not clear what Fox TV will do. Fans of the series, who know better than last season that the channel, which has 4 series waiting to be broadcast, will not tolerate falling ratings, are worried about Son Yaz.

The intense effort of the series team, which has not yet met the high performance expectation of Fox TV in the ratings, is also striking. The quality of acting went above the first season. You can see that the shooting quality is also much better. There is a period in which the story flows even faster. So the team of the series is doing their best. Now everything is up to the viewer. If those who go to the screen prefer Son Yaz series, it’s okay. But even if there is a slight decrease, problems will begin.

The strict followers of Son Yaz are aware of the fact that they are in a difficult period on social media and invite the fans to the screen with their guidance. This is why the 24th episode of the series, starring Alperen Duymaz, Ali Atay, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Birce Akalay, will be broadcast on Saturday, October 2nd, is of great importance.

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