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12 August 2022 14:49


After the TV series Çalıkuşu, Mehmet Özgür and Fahriye Evcen met again!

The Çalıkuşu series, starring Burak Özçivit and Fahriye Evcen, is known as the project where the two leading actors met and fell in love with each other.

The project, which was broadcast in the 2013-2014 season and lasted for a total of 30 episodes, attracted great attention. Let us remind you that the series is a memorable production with both its atmosphere and acting performances.

Famous actor Mehmet Özgür also took part in the Çalıkuşu project. Mehmet Özgür, who played the character of Seyfettin in the series, once again made a name for himself with his successful performance.

It was years ago that Fahriye Evcen and Mehmet Özgür met in the Çalıkuşu series… After 7 years, the two names came together this time on the set of the Alparslan series.

The project, the first part of which was published and attracted great attention, came to the fore as the production that enabled Fahriye Evcen to return to the sets after 4 years.

Mehmet Özgür took his place with the character of Nizamülmülk in the story that started as Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu last season. The actor came to the fore as one of the two names who switched to the Alparslan series in the new season.

Mehmet Özgür made his acting debut again and impressed himself as he did last year.

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