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13 August 2022 02:37


Ah Nerede series was disappointing in the ratings, it got harder

The Star TV series of the same name, which is an adaptation of Yeşilçam’s unforgettable movie Ah Nerede, was disappointed in the ratings with its first episode. Judging by the comments made after the first episode, Ah Nerede’s job seems pretty tough.

The serial version of the legendary movie Ah Nerede, starring Yeşilçam’s unforgettable names Gülşen Bubikoğlu and Tarık Akan, was shot for Star TV 45 years later. The first episode of the series, starring Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser, came to the screen on Friday, July 1st. However, the first episode got pretty bad results in the ratings.

Ranked sixth in the category of all people, the series finished the day in tenth place in the AB. In ABC1, ninth place was achieved. Although it is expected that the series will increase its ratings in the coming weeks, the comments on social media express how high the expectation of the audience from the series is and that they could not find what they expected.

The most important reason for the disappointment of Ah Nerede is the audience’s comparison of the actors with Gülşen Bubikoğlu and Tarık Akan in the original production. Young names Oktay Çubuk and Nil Keser were found very mediocre by the audience in front of these actors, both of whom are legendary names of Turkish cinema. The performance of Tarık Pabuçcuoğlu, who mostly played the role of Hulusi Kentmen in the series, met the expectations.

There are some very remarkable names in the cast of the new version Ah Nerede. Agreements were made with important actors such as Tarık Pabuççuoğlu, Ayşe Kökçü, Derya Alabora, Ferit Aktuğ, Korhan Herduran, Batuhan Sert, Asena Keskinci, Ahsen Türkyılmaz.

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