Series News Alperen Duymaz in an unforgettable opposite role

Alperen Duymaz in an unforgettable opposite role

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Fans know well that Alperen Duymaz’s rebellious and charismatic roles suit him very well when we look at his performance in the series he has been in.

The actor, who attracted attention for the first time in the series Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar with her Cesur character, which he portrayed in 2015, later found successful projects in a row.

Alperen Duymaz, who came to the fore in Bodrum Masalı after the Acı Aşk series, was also very popular with the character of Kerem in the Çarpışma series. The actor, who appeared as Emrah in the Çukur series, took the leading role in the productions of Zemheri and then Son Yaz.

Choosing a digital series among the offers in the new season, the actor will be on the set next week for Erkek Severse. Yasemin Allen will partner with the actor in the series, which will be broadcast on the Bein Connect platform.

Kenan character, played by Alperen Duymaz, will own an online shopping site. The actor, who will draw the perfect male figure in this character, will arouse admiration in the audience.

For Alperen Duymaz fans, this role will come to the fore as a role they have desired and eagerly awaited. The rebellious departures and different mood of the player have caused the defective types to come to the fore more until today.

However, the fact that he will draw the perfect male image for women in the new series will be a completely opposite role for Alperen Duymaz fans.