Artists News Alperen Duymaz will shock everyone this time after being loved for his punk roles!

Alperen Duymaz will shock everyone this time after being loved for his punk roles!


The fans of the series, who remember the performance of the famous actor Alperen Duymaz both in the Çarpışma (Clash) series and in the Son Yaz (Last Summer), loved the vagrant acts of the actor.

The actor, who played the charismatic Kenan character in the last season, Erkek Severse, will return to the screen with a completely different character in 2023. This time, his fans will watch Alperen Duymaz as a master and devoted man with amazement.

The new Fox TV series called Ego seems to be a surprising production for viewers who like the actor’s vagrant ways. Alperen Duymaz, who met with Melisa Aslı Pamuk on the set again in the Ego series, the first episode of which will be broadcast on Sunday, February 5, will portray the character named Erhan Yıldırım in the story.

The audience last watched the famous actor on Fox TV in 2021 with the character of Akgün in the TV series Son Yaz. His return to the same screen will take place this time with a big difference for the actor.

The character of the tramp Akgün is gone, replaced by Erhan, who is described as a self-sacrificing and masterful man. Erhan character he will portray; Although he loves his fiancée Elif like crazy, he will be on the verge of a big choice that will completely turn his life upside down, and therefore the excitement will increase in each episode.

The character of Erhan will be more realistic and warmer to the audience. You ask why ? Working with the school throughout his student life, earning his own money. Erhan Yıldırım is someone whose dream is to one day be financially comfortable and to live a good life, as he has always lived a meager life.

Considering these features, it seems that many people will find their own story in this character.