Another problem may arise in the Bergen movie, in which Farah Zeynep Abdullah will act!
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9 December 2022 12:25


Another problem may arise in the Bergen movie, in which Farah Zeynep Abdullah will act!

The film of the same name, which tells the life of the arabesque singer Bergen, known in Turkey as the Woman of Pain, is not left with bad luck. Milliyet newspaper columnist Ali Eyüboğlu pointed out that there may be a problem again in Bergen, which has been preparing for a long time.

The decision to shoot the Bergen movie was made about two years ago. Serenay Sarıkaya was agreed to play the leading role in the movie. However, while everything was in order, the pandemic exploded and the shooting of the film was postponed.

The pandemic was not over, and the movie only resurfaced a few months ago. However, the shooting date of the movie did not fit Serenay Sarıkaya anymore. It turned out that Sarıkaya gave up on the project.

Then, the production company, which was in search of a new lead actor, this time made an offer to the master actress Demet Evgar. Rumor has it that Evgar had accepted the role. This decision was received with great happiness by the fans of the talented actress.

However, it was recently learned that Evgar will not take a role in the Bergen movie. This time the offer was taken to Farah Zeynep Abdullah. Abdullah accepted the offer with great joy. In the last case, Farah Zeynep Abdullah will play Bergen.

But now there is a new problem for the movie. Milliyet newspaper columnist Ali Eyüboğlu drew attention to this problem. Eyüboğlu said in his column yesterday that he congratulated the producer Mine Şengöz, who will shoot the film, for two reasons. Eyüboğlu did not take a step back, although the first said, ‘They cannot shoot this film without my permission. Şengöz did the right thing by choosing Farah Zeynep Abdullah for the role of Bergen. Since I haven’t read the script written by Sema Kaygusuz, I don’t know what kind of Bergen movie they will make. I know Bergen because I know, interviewed and read Yavuz Hakan Tok’s book, “Bergen, Acıların Kadını”; He was not just an arabesque star, he was someone who experienced the multiplicity of violence against women in this country.”

According to Eyüboğlu, producer Şengöz and writer Tok had been acting together since the beginning of the project. However, Şengöz and Tok parted ways when they disagreed. Therefore, according to Eyüboğlu, Tok may file a copyright lawsuit after the movie is released.

In the meantime, it was learned that the shooting of the Bergen movie will start soon.

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