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6 July 2022 10:36


Another series of love came true in the Ada Masalı series.

The images reflecting the summer energy of the Ada Masalı series, which was broadcast on Star TV screens on Tuesday evenings, made the audience very happy. It was revealed that the summer fusions gave birth to a new love on the set of the series, which was shot in the Seferihisar district of Izmir.

There is backstage information that Özge Demirtel, who gave life to her unique character, and Cem Anıl Edge, the young actor we watched as Hakan in the story, became very close on the set.

Journalist Birsen Altuntaş announced the information about the love affair between Demirtel and Edge, who met on the set of the TV series and bonded in a short time.

The Ada Masalı has been experiencing difficulties for a while with the decline in its ratings and the last episodes… There is a period in which the fans of the series make various criticisms and these criticisms increase at the point of the scenario.

This love development on the set of the series signed by Ay Yapım was a big surprise. There are rumors that the love affair between Özge Demirtel and Cem Anıl Edge has just begun.

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