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6 July 2022 19:02


Son Yaz series lottery hit Halil Babür in the second season!

Actor Halil Babür has been on the sets since 2011. Babur, who attracted attention with the character of Transformer in the youth series Pis Yedili, was then known for the character of Doğan in the series Karadayı.

The actor, who increased his awareness with the character of Veysel in the series Çukur, gave an impressive performance in the last season of Fox TV’s popular TV series Son Yaz… Halil Babür had the opportunity to show himself in the Son Yaz series with the character of Soner Sancaktar.

While famous names said goodbye to Son Yaz, Halil Babur hit the lottery in the second season. New names will be included in the team, which was shaken by the separations of Funda Eryiğit, Şebnem Dönmez, Emre Karayel and Erdem Şanlı. However, Halil Babur will draw attention as the name that will stand out more than the first season.

It turned out that Soner’s family, acted by Halil Babur, will be involved in the events in the second season. In other words, Soner will be stronger and more in the story of the series. This means that the actor, who had limited scenes in the first season, will take place in many more stories in the second season. With the involvement of Soner’s family, Halil Babür, who is expected to be at the center of the story, has the opportunity to show himself.

Who will be understood as the relatives of Soner’s character, which names will participate in the series, there is no information about this for now. However, it is among other information that there will be a time jump in the Son Yaz series and the story will change, and that various scenes will be shot in Rize as well as Istanbul scenes.

What happened between the character of Naz acted by Yasemin Yazıcı and Soner was also one of the important topics in the first season. Soner was in a position to lose his intelligence in the face of Naz.

Halil Babür explained this situation in his interview as follows: “Perhaps for the first time, Soner behaves differently towards someone than he always does. It is not something that he already has, that he does willingly and that he prefers. Soner is a quick-witted person to start observing the consequences of this in himself. But in the face of him, he loses his quick wit and turns into a man who does not know how to act. So actually Naz introduces him to a real feeling for the first time. The gestures he makes from an unknown place turn into something completely masculine and animalistic in someone like Naz. For now, at least, they’re having a hard time establishing relationships.”

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