Series News Arabic MBC channel’s decision not to publish Turkish series will change a lot

Arabic MBC channel’s decision not to publish Turkish series will change a lot


A series of changes will take place in the Turkish serial market after the Arab MBC television channel bans the Turkish serials.

Oya Dogan from the Vatan newspaper wrote about this change:

“The series will no longer be withdrawn for the Arabs

It is undoubtedly a political decision that MBC, which broadcasts in 22 countries covering MENA, the Middle East and North Africa, will remove the Turkish series from broadcasting!

For now Wounded Love is perceived as involving Inside, Rental Love, Magnificent Century series. However, we have lost a serious market for a long time.

After the American exporting countries in the world most number of Turkey. So the world is the second in this respect. A $ 350 million export. Today, the Turkish series is being broadcast in 140 countries.

A few years ago, the Turkish series, which was followed only by the Arab world and the Balkans, now extends to Latin America. But the Middle East is still the biggest market.

That is why this prohibited series affects at least 35-40% of exports.

We’re talking about a very serious porter. It seems that Turkish actors have been very demanded in the Arab world, and their advertisements and invitations have added a serious wound to this series.

In fact, in recent years, the length of the sequence periods has led to the fact that long sequences can not be made in a sense … Because most of the Turkish sequences are published daily abroad.

That’s why sales increase as the number of departments increases. Now with this decision, the Turkish series will get a serious export scar. Another dimension of the incident is that the series will no longer be drawn for the Arabs.

So fewer walks, fewer Throats, and especially 10-player set counts can be reduced. ”

After this article, which summarizes where the situation might come after the forbidding news, we understand that a lot of things can change in the domestic series.

It is not known how long the ban will end or end, but after that, it seems less likely to put dozens of channels on the screen at the same time, Because the producers and the channels will have to keep the job much more tight …