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7 July 2022 03:33


As the excitement increased in The Pit, the ratings soared!

Striking developments in the episode of The Pit, the phenomenon series signed by Ay Yapım, which was screened on Show TV, witnessed exciting moments. In the episode of Çukur, which left its mark on Monday evenings, which was screened last night, The Pit took action to save Efsun and Nehir. At the end of a breathtaking race against time, they both managed to save them.

In the war between the Koçovalıs and the Erdenets, Cengiz Erdenet continued to make the moves that would harm Çukur with the help of Kulkan. Yamaç, on the other hand, launched his plan to corner Cengiz and took action to end the Erdenets. After seizing Cengiz’s money, the Koçovalıs made the choice of the Erdenets who would end their life first. After Yamaç decided to make a lottery, Cumali was named first. Which Erdenet’s name came out has already been a matter of curiosity.

It was very important that the ratings of the series were 8 in total. As the excitement increases, we witness that the ratings also increase. The Pit, which had a low rate of 5 in the AB group, approached 8 in the ABC1 category and again achieved a good result. In the series total and ABC1 groups, Awakening ranked second after the Awakening Great Seljuk. He also finished the day as 6th in the AB group. It was an effective day on social media too… The tag #afeev was on the TT list for 6 hours 45 minutes. In the exciting episode, the character of Yamaç remained on the agenda of social media for 8 hours and 35 minutes.



Support for Yamaç, who had a hard time with Kulkan’s move, came from Çukur. While trying to solve the puzzles sent by Kulkan, the Çukur people took action to search for Efsun and Nehir all over Istanbul. At the end of a breathtaking race against time, Çukur managed to save both of them. Medet, Celasun and Meke on their way to Efsun’s place; Cumali, Metin and Aliço also found Nehir.


Erdenets, with great anger, continued to make moves that would harm Çukur. Benefiting from the water shortage in the neighborhood, Erdenets came to Çukur with the water tankers they added substances to and distributed water to people. The Erdenets’ only move was not limited to this. Inside a truck left in Çukur, the lifeless bodies of the Çukur people, who were working secretly in the Erdenets’ house, emerged. After seeing this sight, Yamaç swore that he would bring the Erdenets to an end.


Yamaç, on the other hand, launched his plan to corner Cengiz. Deciding to attack all cash registers in Olga’s notebook at the same time, Yamaç took action with Çukur. Target; Erdenet Hospital was a primary school and a bank. The excitement reached peaks with the plan of Yamaç to seize Cengiz’s money. The moments when they entered the bank with Cengiz Erdenet masks were the scene of action-packed moments.
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