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5 July 2022 12:35


The marriage decision did not affect the ratings in the Forbidden Fruit

A bomb exploded in the 91st episode of the Forbidden Fruit series, which was meeting with the audience on the Fox TV screen on Monday evenings. In the 86th episode, Berk Oktay, who participated in the series with the character of Çağatay, and Eda Ece, who has been in the lead role of the production since the first day, managed to surprise the audience.

In the Forbidden Fruit series, Yıldız and Çağatay characters decided to marry and went to the wedding office, which impressed the audience. It was noteworthy that Çağatay told Yıldız to trust him and stated that they were on a journey. While the fans of the TV series also liked this scene, warning notes were written so that “scriptwriters should not create a short happiness and then upset us again”.

Fans who wanted Yıldız to be happy in the Forbidden Fruit series made comments stating that they wanted to see the Çağatay character as a good character and not to have a bad guy behind, and that they expected their love to continue with Yıldız. Another remarkable detail was Çağatay’s statement, “But I will give you the best wedding.” Did Yıldız really find the love she was looking for? The answer will be in the following sections.

While these were happening in the series, it was seen in the rating table that Yıldız and Çağatay’s surprise marriage situation did not have much effect on the ratings. Forbidden Fruit, which rose to a rating of 9 for a while, achieved rates close to the last episode last night. The ratings of the series are good, but it is not at a level that can compete with the Awakening Great Seljuk.

The series, which had ratings between 6-7, ranked 3rd in total yesterday evening, ranked second in the EU and finished ABC1 group 4th.

You can find the loving moments of Yıldız and Çağatay, the surprise of the series, on the video.

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