Artists News Aslıhan Güner and Onur Tuna come together in the lead role!

Aslıhan Güner and Onur Tuna come together in the lead role!


Aslıhan Güner and Onur Tuna are two of the most popular and popular actors of the last period. Two actors come together in a new project. It was Onur Tuna who gave the good news.

Onur Tuna, who clinched his success with the Mahkum (Prisoner) after making a big debut with the Muczie Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series, will be on Fox TV again in the new season. The successful actor, who will be in front of the camera for the second season of the Mahkum series very soon, will take a role in a movie before.

Onur Tuna will share the lead role with Aslıhan Güner in a movie called Hiç (Nothing). Onur Tuna himself told about the new film project and his co-star in a statement to the journalists. The fact that two successful names will come together caused great excitement among their fans.

Answering the questions of the journalists, Onur Tuna said that the name of the movie in which he will act is “Hiç”. He stated that he will go on the set for Mahkum after the shooting of the movie is over. Onur Tuna added that his co-star in the psychological drama film is Aslıhan Güner.

Although Onur Tuna has achieved great success with his last two TV series projects, Aslıhan Güner has been away from the sets for a while. After achieving great success with the Kuzey Yıldızı (North Star) series, her life was short when the TV series Uzak Şehrin Masalı, which she took part in, failed in the ratings. Komutan (Commander), the movie starring Aslıhan Güner and her husband, actor Mert Kılıç, will be released on October 7.

The actress also shared a story on her Instagram account and said that she had read the script of her new project called “Hiç”. The actress announced her third project of this season to her fans with the note “Beautiful excitement, my journey to a new self”.