Artists News Atakan Hoşgören took a very difficult load on his shoulders with his new ATV series!

Atakan Hoşgören took a very difficult load on his shoulders with his new ATV series!


Atakan Hoşgören was born in Istanbul in 1999 and has become one of the most striking young talents of the last period. The actor, who became popular with the character of Ali Tekelioğlu in the TV series 4N1K New Beginnings, also gained significant experience in the projects called Akıncı and Sana Söz.

In the name of Atakan Hoşgören, the new ATV series called The İçimizdeki Ateş (Fire Inside) has a great importance. The actor, who climbs the career ladder quickly, will feel the burden of the leading role on hisr shoulders for the first time in this project. Atakan Hoşgörün, who will portray the character of Ege Şahin, is very excited and eagerly waiting for the series to be published.

The series of İçimizdeki Ateş, in which the events experienced by young people who study law and attend a law firm for internship, will be screened, will both stand out as a youth production and have the feature of being a law series.

Talking about the Ege character, Atakan Hoşgören said, “Ege does what he wants to do even though he has no opportunity. If he can’t afford anything, he makes it possible. We can say that he achieves the impossible. This is what attracted me in the Ege. “That was one of the reasons I accepted the role,” he said.

Reminding that people have only one life in their own lives, but actors can live many different lives in projects, Atakan Hoşgören said that he wanted to be in this project because he wanted to include the Aegean character in his life.

Viewers will see a very colorful and combative character on the screen. In the role of Ege, Atakan Hoşgören had one of the most important opportunities of his life.

The character is someone who will direct the story of the series, and at this point, a great responsibility has been placed on the shoulders of the young actor.