Artists News Ayşe Tolga adapts to the new world order

Ayşe Tolga adapts to the new world order


The actress of The Eighties series now spend their time on Homemade, which is published on TRT1. She who make their own shots at home also get support from their family members.

Ayşe Tolga thinks that this change process after coronavirus has positive aspects. Speaking to the newspaper Posta, Ayşe Tolga said, “It was nice if it was difficult. We saw that nothing was impossible. We would like to hear that we continue to shoot” Eighties “outside. But this also received a very good rating. We are acting and acting both now.”

Expressing that people have been living like robots for a long time, the actress said that she understood how valuable hugs are. Explaining her concerns for people who work daily and have financial problems,

Ayşe Tolga said: “Officially, a plug was unplugged and the system was shut down. We were left in the dark. So we should be prepared for everything. We should not leave the candle or the flashlight off.”

Explaining that it is necessary for human beings to understand some issues, the actress said that the coronavirus process resembles a scenario.

Ayşe Tolga, “It could not be a bigger scenario than this. If the life we ​​call normal is a system in which all living things except human suffer but the human lives like a king, we cannot go back to normal. I do not have any difficulty to realize the situation. I have opened my eyes to adapt to the new world order.” she spoke.