Series News Don’t Let The Kids Know and Eighties series is a common secret of success!

Don’t Let The Kids Know and Eighties series is a common secret of success!


Famous producer Birol Güven has achieved successful results in the sector with many different series projects. Even if we leave together, productions such as Last Dads Hears, Don’t Let The Kids Know, Back Rows, Eighties achieved very effective results.

In all of Birol Güven’s series, there are characters that the audience likens to him or someone he knows. Because the secret of this work is also here … Birol Güven shows the subjects that can be seen easily in the society through the series characters.

The famous producer, who does this consciously, aims to enable the audience to find details about their lives in the production.

In this way, the series produced by Birol Güven reaches masses and achieves significant successes. Famous producer Senaryo Talks answered the questions of director Bora Talat Oyacı in his youtube chat.

The success criterion for Birol Güven is not rating. The famous producer understands that if he receives reactions like “my father,” then he is doing a successful job.

Here is the reason for the success of the series produced by Birol Güven in the narration:

“My characters are not characters that are not seen anywhere. I want to write a character that we can see anywhere, instead of the weird characters we can’t see anywhere. I write every story I will write according to the actor. In each project, the scenario is a piece of paper alone.

There are many team members such as director, actor, lightman, make-up artist and assistant in the work, and each of them has great effort in the background of the works you follow. This is not a stand-alone task. For this, we work very hard as a team and I always work with smarter people than myself. The formula for success is to work with smarter people than yourself. ”