Series News Birol Güven announced the passwords of the new world!

Birol Güven announced the passwords of the new world!


Birol Güven, the producer of the series, which takes place in our memories such as Çocuklar Duymasın and The Eighties … is currently preparing the series TRT1 for Home Made. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, this new concept, where the actors took part in their homes with their families, shed a great light on the world of the series.

Speaking to the newspaper Posta, Birol Guven says coronavirus is a great lesson and will change human life. Famous producer, “The old system is broken. Loquat is in question and there is no turning back from here. I think nobody goes to the mall anymore, even if it goes, there is two meters away. Nobody gets on the escalators, even if it gets on, there are seven stairs. Nobody goes to the cinema, even if it goes, three. the seat remains empty, “he said.

Stating that with the return of life to normal, everything will not be the same as before, Birol Güven stated that even if everything returns to normal, he will make a series from home.

Reminding that people can adapt to everything in a short time, Birol Güven thinks that there will be a period that no one will travel unless they have to.

Underlining that the Home Made TV series is an adaptation project, Birol Güven said, “Our series is also an adaptable series. We have such a project. “he said.