Series News Şoray Uzun loved to shoot from the house

Şoray Uzun loved to shoot from the house


Şoray Uzun, who plays the character of Ahmet in the The Eighties TV series, is having a great problem after the coronavirus.

Producer Birol Güven thinks that the world has changed and people will have to change their habits. A new era begins for mankind who will stay away from crowded places such as shopping malls.

Şoray Uzun reminded that Birol Güven has made predictions and programs for the future for years. The actor said, “If I hear them from somebody else, I will be cautious, but when Birol says it doesn’t sound too wrong. Because he has been doing the program called” The Future is Coming “for years and I have said these years ago. I have 53 years of habits.”

There is an environment where the series is shot from the house. The Eighties TV series now shoot at their homes. The videos taken from all the actors are combined into a series called Homemade.

Speaking to the newspaper Posta, Şoray Uzun said, “If I thought about 40 years, I would not think that we would shoot a series from home. It was good for us too. We used to come to the family to visit the set. Now they are all working at home. It is an honor to be a part of this business. “