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21 May 2022 23:38


Bahar Şahin seems to surprise everyone in her new series, Gülümse Kaderine!

Bahar Şahin, who gained a large fan base with her performance in Zalim Istanbul (Cruel İstanbıl), has been away from television channels for a very long time. Fans who want to see her on the screen again are looking forward to the Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Your Destiny) series, which will bring the successful actress back to the screen. The first promotion of the series was shared and created great excitement. The promotion also gives the first clues about the character that Bahar Şahin will play.

Young actress Bahar Şahin is still remembered for her ambitious and ruthless character, Ceren, which she portrayed in Zalim Istanbul. Bahar Şahin, who made a big leap in her career with her successful acting in this series, has been away from television channels since the end of Zalim Istanbul. The successful actress recently appeared in the TV series Duran, which came to the screen on the digital platform.

It was Avşar Film, the producer of Zalim Istanbul, that brought Bahar Şahin back to the screen. The successful actress will soon be on the Fox TV screen with the TV series Gülümse Kaderine. The first teaser of the series was published recently and gave the first clues about the series.

In the first introduction from the series, Bahar Şahin looks like an extremely kind and innocent young girl, unlike her character in Zalim Istanbul.

In other words, she is quite different from the character she portrayed in the Zalim Istanbul TV series. Therefore, the question of whether the successful actress will surprise the audience in her new series comes to mind.

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