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12 August 2022 11:08


Bahar Şahin shared her first post from the set of the movie Zevcat, which she has just joined!

It was announced that the shooting of the movie Zevcat, starring Cemal Hünal, Yağmur Ün and Hande Subaşı, started the other day.

However, according to the news in the tabloid press, there was an unexpected development about the film. Yağmur Ün, one of the leading actors of the movie, announced to the production team that she was 2 months pregnant.

The production team, who was preparing to go to the set after performing the reading rehearsals, was surprised by this news.

Cemal Hünal said about Yağmur Ün, with whom he would shoot heavy beating scenes as per the script, “It would be risky for me to act in those scenes with a pregnant woman.” Upon this development, the release date of the film was postponed and a new actress was sought for the lead character. Bahar Şahin is the new lead actress of the movie.

Bahar Şahin made the first post about the film on her Instagram account. The beautiful actress published a photo from the set with her partner Cemal Hünal.

Meryem Beyza Er will direct the movie Zevcat, produced by Altayaz Production and Kum Film, and produced by İlter Aykaç and Erol Akyürek.

Zevcat is expected to be released in Turkey in October and in the United States in November. The subject of the movie is as follows; Bahar is a beautiful girl in her 20s. She falls in love with Kemal, but the fact that he is married and has a child does not prevent Bahar’s love. Bahar marries Kemal with her imam marriage and begins to live together in the house where Kemal, his wife and daughter are. Bahar is not loved because she comes as sand, but the story of these two women who share the same house and husband will unexpectedly turn into a story of hope for each other.

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