Series News Baht Oyunu is falling in ratings, Youtube is rising in trends!

Baht Oyunu is falling in ratings, Youtube is rising in trends!


Baht Oyunu, which was broadcast on Kanal D screen on Tuesday evenings, became a remarkable series among romantic comedy productions. The story of the series starring Aytaç Şaşmaz and Cemre Baysel was liked. The fact that the ratings of the series, which made a good debut for a while, are in a downward trend again, is proportional to the decrease in the number of general viewers.

The ratings of the series Baht Oyunu may be falling, but those who follow the series are eagerly waiting for the new episodes… Baht Oyunu, which has 7 episodes so far, will be on the screen with its new episode on Tuesday, August 10th. So what will happen in episode 8? Here, the trailers with these details are shared and they are watched a lot in youtube trends.

The second trailer from the 8th episode of the Baht Oyunu series was broadcast on Kanal D youtube page and was watched more than 700 thousand times in a 12-hour period and entered the youtube trend list from the 6th place. The interest in the series is already high on social media, thousands of messages are shared and the viewers show their support.

In addition, new episode trailers are watched by hundreds of thousands of people on youtube. Baht Oyunu is among the successful series of the summer period. You will also witness how jealousy has increased in the 8th episode. There will also be a ring mess between Ada and Bora.

Ada’s test with the ring will make everyone smile. The island, which has nothing left, is tested with another event this time! Also, Ada is returning to the company, there will be confusion. Things get out of hand when Ada returns to the company. An opponent he does not want appears in front of Bora!

Baht Oyunu is on Kanal D with its new episode on Tuesday at 20.00!