Baht Oyunu series was very popular on social media
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27 March 2023 13:54


Baht Oyunu series was very popular on social media

Baht Oyunu started its screen adventure last night on Kanal D screens. The expectations from the series, which brought together Aytaç Şaşmaz and Cemre Baysel in the lead roles, were quite high. In fact, judging by the wave of interaction on social media, it was seen as one of the most surprising productions of the summer screen. In fact, there were evaluations that it could exceed expectations and get much better ratings.

Indeed, the Baht Oyunu is a successful project in bringing comedy and romance together at the point of its story. The ratings were well below the average.

The series, which was able to achieve 15th place in all people, was also 16th in EU. Much better results were expected from the TV series Baht Oyunu, which is 13th in ABC1 group, but this expectation did not come true.

It is necessary to say that there is no fault of the first part and wait for the result of the second part. However, many people will soon realize that they missed a lot with Cemre Baysel’s amazing performance. Baysel, who harmonizes very well with Aytaç Şaşmaz, manages to make the audience smile both naturally and even with her facial expressions.

It is already clear that Cemre Baysel will have a very special place in her career.

An effective story language, a fluent narrative style, and a successful production should have had better ratings. The rating surprise in the first episode of the series was negative. However, higher rates are expected in the second part.

The second episode of the Baht Oyunu series, which is also likened to Afili Ask, will meet with the audience on Tuesday, June 22.

In the second part of the Baht Oyunu, Ada starts working in the office to avoid losing Rüzgar to Tuğçe!

Bora hires Ada as his assistant. Rüzgar is surprised to learn that Ada has started working in the office. Ada’s clumsiness infuriates Bora. This is how Tuğçe’s struggle with Ada begins. Will Ada be able to regain the Rüzgar?

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