Beren Saat took her fans to the period of Bihter Ziyagil, her famous character in Aşk-Memnu!
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30 November 2022 03:52


Beren Saat took her fans to the period of Bihter Ziyagil, her famous character in Aşk-Memnu!

Famous actress Beren Saat went before the lens for the advertisement of a clothing brand. The image of the actress, who also shared the commercial with her followers on her Instagram account, was highly appreciated by her fans.

Beren Saat enchants her fans, who now shares from time to time from her social media account, which she almost never used for a while.

Beren Saat’s last post was a commercial in which she acted. The famous actress seems to be talked about a lot with her image in the commercial and the price of the golden yellow dress she wears.

It was claimed that the price of the golden dress on Beren Saat was 13 thousand TL. Hearing the price, some fans of the actress could not help but think, ‘Is it under clothes?’

Lastly, Beren Saat, who played a role in the “Atiye” series published on Netflix, managed to make a name for herself with this advertising deal before the New Year, although she has been away from the screens for a while.

Years ago, the famous actress, who was remembered with the character of ‘Bihter Ziyagil’ played in the TV series Aşk-ı Memnu, was constantly on the agenda with the clothes she wore and the jewelry she wore at that time, and even the character of ‘Bihter Ziyagil’ was shaping the fashion with her clothing choices.

Beren Saat, who was in front of the lens for the New Year’s collection of a clothing company, reminded the audience of those days. In the commercial, not only the clothes of the famous actress, but also her hair with bangs, which reflects her new image, were very popular. The actress’ self-renewal before the new year did not go unnoticed.

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