Bergüzar Korel announced that he donated that dress!
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1 December 2022 11:59


Bergüzar Korel announced that he donated that dress!

Bergüzar Korel is among the names that have recently started to use social media effectively. As is known, the actress is not on television screens right now. She played in the last TV series Wounded Love. The actress, who later became pregnant with her son Han, had to take a break from her projects for a while.

Korel was on the stage with a play called Kızlar ve Oğlanlar (Girls and Boys) at the beginning of her pregnancy, but when her doctor told her that she should rest, she also took a break from the theater.

Bergüzar Korel, who is married to Halit Ergenç and gave birth to her second son Han after her first son, Ali, in March 2020, is currently taking care of her sons at home due to the pandemic. Hers wife, Halit Ergenç, was finally on the screen with the Babil series, but the series recently made its final.

Although Bergüzar Korel is not on the screen with TV series, she has been making her fans happy by sharing a lot on her Instagram page for a while. From time to time, the actress shares her home state and her adventures with her cute dogs at home.

However, the couple consciously do not share their newborn son Han or their other son Ali on their social media accounts. Korel often shares post SMA patients and gives social responsibility messages.

This time she announced that she donated the dress she wore in O Ses Türkiye for the Christmas program.

In his post on Instagram, Goodness Ambassadors stated that she donated the dress he wore that night for the SMA page and that those who want to buy can buy it from this page.

Here is the dress Bergüzar Korel wore that night and her share:

Have a nice week everyone.
We got out of the ban, but since I am always at home, nothing has changed in my life.
I always pretended to go out for two days and wore a couple of things on my face.
I am extremely stable on the third day today.
The opposite of the photo, I call out to you in pajamas?
It’s like straight out of a # tacky series.
Do not forget our sma puppies this week?
I donated the dress I wore at O Ses Türkiye New Year’s for @iyilik_elcileri_sma page.
You can also support these puppies by purchasing products from this page or by donating products.
I hug you all as if there is no corona.

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