Hazal Kaya makes us curious again!
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30 November 2022 12:53


Hazal Kaya makes us curious again!

Famous Actor Hazal Kaya has recently started to use her Instagram account more effectively. The actress recently announced on her social media account that she had settled in İzmir Çeşme for a while. The actress, who is not on the screen at the moment, also gives news of him to her fans and fans on her Instagram account

Those who follow Hazal Kaya know that she also took his son Fikret Ali and went to Izmir to her wife. Kaya went to Izmir after her wife Ali Atay, who took part in the ATV series Son Yaz (Last Summer). She will live there for a while.

As you know, their son Fikret Ali has just turned one and Hazal Kaya chose to be with her wife by taking her son with him when she had no projects ready. However, it was learned that Kaya will be in a new series recently.

The actress is expected to take part in the Pera Palas, which is planned to be shot for Netflix and produced by Karga Seven Pictures.

However, it is understood that Hazal Kaya left Istanbul during this period, as the shooting of the series, which is still under preparation, has not started. The last sharing of the actress was confused.

Hazal Kaya takes lessons online, but did not explain what she was taking. The actress makes her ask the question “is he taking some lessons for her new series?”

At the same time, it is understood that the player who also plays sports is in a strict preparation, but it is predicted that these states of the player who give a break and do not give a secret are the preliminary for the new series.

The details will become clear in the coming days, but it is obvious that Hazal Kaya made her fans very curious with her posts.

In the note she wrote to his last share; “It is not clear whether I am taking the online course of everything, what I am doing, I have a preparation, and this was another confusing statement!”

Here is that sharing …

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