Artists News Bergüzar Korel’s dream stuck in coronavirus

Bergüzar Korel’s dream stuck in coronavirus


The famous actress Bergüzar Korel showed off her one-man game, Girls and Boys, earlier last year. Bergüzar Korel did not appear on the doctor’s table this season due to her pregnancy. The famous actress, who brought her second son Han to the world in April 2020, was making plans to go back on stage. However, the coronavirus broke these plans.

Bergüzar Korel was planning to go on the stage for her game in May if she did not have a coronavirus pandemic. The actress who participated in the live broadcast on Instagram attracted attention with her statement.

Berguzar Korel said, “I really had a lot of dreams. I was going to be on stage in May, but the world order did not allow this virus. Anyway, we will meet with the audience at the right time. I really missed it.”

The most talked topic in the theater and cinema sector is how the new order will be… There is an opinion that it will not be easy to gather such big crowds in both art branches where people sit together side by side.

The mind of those dealing with theater and cinema is also stuck with this issue.

Bergüzar Korel is one of those who wonder what the new order will be like. “Let’s say that theaters should be taken care of during this period,” she said.