Bergüzar Korel's son Ali's wonderful bond with his brother Han!
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5 October 2022 02:22


Bergüzar Korel’s son Ali’s wonderful bond with his brother Han!

Bergüzar Korel brought her son Han to the world in April 2020. The actress who brought her son Ali to the world in 2010. 10 years later, this time she experienced one of the most important moments of her life with the birth of her second son Han.

Expressing that she is calmer and more patient for her second child and approaching with maturity, Bergüzar Korel said, “It is like that in the second child, you are more patient.”

Emphasizing the importance of the brother, the actress said that she always wanted to support each other in life.

Explaining that her son Ali is a loving child and that he wants a brother most, Bergazar Korel said that she is trying to raise loving children. Pointing out that Han was well connected with his brother, the actress said:

“Ali is a very loving boy. What he wants most is a brother. Incredible. Han is crying, for example, when Ali comes to him, he knows very clearly that he has his brother. He has another communication with him. More so small. I wouldn’t believe someone tell me, it was true. ”

Bergüzar Korel was highly appreciated last week with her clip, The Last Letter. Many famous actors also starred in the clip, which reminds the old era.

The actress said that the behind-the-scenes footage of the clip will also be broadcast and stated that she does not currently have a plan for a new clip.

Stating that she did not want anything other than the coronavirus process ending with health, Bergüzar Korel stated that she missed sitting and drinking coffee with her friends.

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