Berk Oktay sent a message to those who miss the series Warrior
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29 November 2022 10:34


Berk Oktay sent a message to those who miss the series Warrior

The question was asked what happened to the popular TV series The Warrior. It was also curious about why things were getting longer… A newly developing situation about the series made the issue clear.

It was revealed that Berk Oktay, who gave life to the character of Kağan Bozok, and the producer firm had just made the deal. In other words, the reason for the dragging of the series is considered as the renewal phase of the agreement… Berk Oktay agreed with the producer company for the new season of the series and then gave a message with his share on his Instagram account …

Berk Oktay said that there was no problem in his statement last month. However, filming of many TV series started and some of them started to appear on the screen. It was known that the Warrior series would be the 5th season. However, due to this delay, viewers were suspicious for a while.

Berk Oktay, with the following post from his Instagram account, resolved all these doubts and gave the good news that the series will return to the screen …

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