Berkay Ateş came to the Kanal D series like a drug!
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2 December 2022 05:59


Berkay Ateş came to the Kanal D series like a drug!

Berkay Fire wind blows in Sadakatsiz, one of the popular TV series of Kanal D screens. Berkay Ateş, who made his name in the lead role with Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, shows himself again with his talents.

After his successful performance in the Çukur series, the actor, who also showed a very effective performance in the TV series Alev Alev last season, returned to the screen with a new character in the TV series “Sadakatsiz” in the new season. The actor, who has attracted great attention from his fans with the characters he has portrayed until today, again gives very effective performances.

The actor, who not only added strength to Sadakatsiz series, which started the second season very well, also changed the direction of the story. The audience also liked the character of Aras and it was a matter of curiosity how the story would progress. The high interest of the audience also shows that the screenwriters took a very right step with the character of Aras.

Aras is an expert in using computers. Aras, who did not remember his past due to the accident, now came under the wing of Asya. The fact that the two characters began to fall in love was also what the audience wanted most, and there is an impression that this will happen.

The fact that the character of Derin played by Melis Sezen goes back to the past years and Aras is also in the images in London indicates that things will become too complicated.

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, reminded that Berkay Ateş is a very good actor through the movie called “Gorlust”.

Sina Koloğlu thinks that the story goes fast in the TV series Sadakatsiz:

“The ‘man who lost his memory’ story in Sadakatsiz was a smart job. The advice is not to remember everything so quickly, just a little bit. “I am Aras,” he said, remembering his name. The freaky expert on computers, it turns out. Derin went to old times to London, where Aras Bey’s image appeared. There is a Kadir Bey, and he is after a trace. It seems that Aras has a dark side as well. Extend this season as much as possible. The final episode said, “No, we’ll go faster,” the script said.

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