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9 August 2022 13:27


Berkay Ateş, the Aras of the Sadakatsız series, started the new year with a new good news!

The famous actor Berkay Ateş appears on the Kanal D screen in a very different role in the new season, after a high-tempo series like Alev Alev, which he took part in last season. The actor, who participated in the TV series Sadakatsiz and portrayed the character of Aras, became the new cause of interest in the series.

Berkay Ateş, with his successful performance, had his name written in the lead role in the TV series Sadakatsiz, and gave the first good news of 2022 from his Instagram account. The actor announced that he will be on stage with Anadolu Efes in the new year with very good content.

The actor said, “The return of the Writers’ Forest, which we started years ago and planted hundreds of saplings, is one of these news. I will share the details soon,” he said, making his fans curious.

Berkay Ateş is one of the actors active in social media. The actor, who is also on the stage with the theater play “Hakikat Elbet Bir Gün”, is going through a busy period.

Berkay Ateş, who also shared a different post on his Twitter account, stated that he took his guitar after many years and typed:

“After a very long time, I have been playing guitar and songs for hours. Despite so many voices, so many words, so many black hearts, so many songs, poems, sayings, laments… All of them remain. It will stop. Like those trees. Colorful.”

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