Big changing in The Innocents
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2 December 2022 01:52


Big changing in The Innocents

Those who watched the 15th episode of The Innocents, which meet with the audience on Tuesday evenings on TRT1 screens, were both delighted and quite surprised. Even these short images were enough to understand the change in Safiye, played by Ezgi Mola.

With the re-life of Naci, played by Tansel Öngel, the change in Safiye, albeit slowly, is a positive step, creating a new experience for the audience. Safiye will now silence her inner voice and will be able to look at life from a larger screen. This impression was given in the 15th episode trailer.

However, the fans of the series, who send a message to the scriptwriter on social media, say, “If these are fake, you get big talk. In other words, the signs that Safiye is getting better should continue. Viewers very much want the story to move in that direction.

Another remarkable detail was that Naci still continues his love for Safiye and expects a light from him. In addition, Safiye’s bird drawing on the glass and her voice suppressing her inner voice tell us that the 15th new episode will be very exciting.

A series of fans say; “Safiye is finally getting better. She’s doing what she hasn’t done in years and she’s quieting her mother. Very exciting part, I’m looking forward to Tuesday. ”

There is another episode full of thrilland the trailer has a huge interest. You can watch the 15th episode trailer of The Innocents, which is on Youtube trends.

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