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24 May 2022 02:29


Big surprise from the two actors of Zalim Istanbul! They meet again in the TV series Masum Ve Güzel!

The Zalim Istanbul series, broadcast on Kanal D screens, has become a production that the audience will not easily forget. The fact that especially the young names in the series became famous with this series and then took part in the productions that attracted attention one by one was another remarkable point for the viewers of the Zalim Istanbul series.

The bone audience of the series will not easily forget Zalim Istanbul. The roles of master actor Fikret Kuşkan and Mine Tugay, who turned the corner to the audience, are still in the memories! Tugay played the role of Şeniz in this TV series, and created a phenomenal “evil” character.

Mine Tugay never came to the screens after Zalim Istanbul, which made the final on June 22, 2020. She only starred in the TV series “Hükümsüz” for Exxen. Now, her name is mentioned with a new series.

At the same time, Bahar Şahin, who attracted great attention with her acting in the Zalim Istanbul series, came to the fore with the news that she will be playing in the same series as Mine Tugay. Like Mine Tugay, the young actress did not appear on the television screen after Zalim Istanbul. She acted only in the Duran series shot for the digital platform Gain.

The name of the new series, in which both actors will meet again, will be Masum ve Güzel. Aytaç Çiçek will be the director of the series, which is under preparation and will be produced by Avşar Film. It is also said that Doğan Bayraklar, Sude Zülal Güler and Erkan Meriç will take part in the series.

It has also been learned that the actors have not yet been clarified for the father and uncle, who are the two key characters in the series Masum ve Güzel, where the impressive story of two girls growing up from the orphanage will be told. The channel of the series is also unknown. Filming is scheduled to begin in mid-February.

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