Birkan Sokullu wins both in love and at work!..
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27 November 2022 15:47


Birkan Sokullu wins both in love and at work!..

Organized by the Magazine Journalists Association, the ’25. The ‘Golden Lens Awards’ found their owners at a ceremony held the previous night.

While TRT1’s hit TV series “Masumlar Apartmanı” won the “Best TV Series” award, one of the leading actors of the series, Birkan Sokullu, won the “Best Actor in TV Series” award.

Birkan Sokullu in his speech at the award ceremony; “Masumlar Apartmanı has been a very special work for my career, both professionally and personally. Thank you to everyone here.” Everything seems to be fine in the love life of the handsome actor, who has had bright days in his professional life.

Since the summer of 2019, Birkan Sokullu has been in love with businessperson Kemal Gürkaynak’s daughter Eda Gürkaynak. According to the news in the magazine press, the actor entered the family. Birkan Sokullu met his lover’s parents, his older sister Lara and his brother-in-law Adil Mert Baykal. The actor, who gave a barbecue party to his lover’s family, rolled up his sleeves and went to the barbecue. Sokullu cooked hamburger patties and feasted for the whole family.

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