Artists News BurçinTerzioğlu starts a new series!

BurçinTerzioğlu starts a new series!


BurzinTerzioğlu is going to have a new excitement at the new moment.

The actress will take part in the second season of Netflix’s first Turkish series ‘The Protector’ starring CagatayUlusoy.

It’s not clear when the first season of The Protector will start.

So you will have to wait a bit longer for the second season of BurçinTerzioğlu to take place.

Actress went on a blue tour with her friends before shooting the series.

The beautiful actress who went to Marmaris with the boat she rented did not stay in position for a moment.

She played games with her friends both on the boat and in the sea.

The beautiful actress who danced in the musical accompaniment continued her joyful situations at sea.