Burcu Biricik asked, Flames Of Desire came up again!
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29 November 2022 08:12


Burcu Biricik asked, Flames Of Desire came up again!

Famous actress Burcu Biricik is a successful name that has a place in the minds of the audience with the characters she has played so far. Nowadays, he comes to the screen with the character of Boncuk in the Red Room series, which is broadcast on tv8 on Friday evenings.

The famous actress, who also participated in the shooting of the TV series Fatma for Netflix, also actively shares on social media. Burcu Biricik, who received thousands of likes from her followers in Instagram with the smiling pose taken by her husband Emre Yetkin, started to wait for the new year by saying “Will we be able to laugh like this in 2021?

The actress made another share from her account, this time emphasizing the characters in her projects. “They are all my babies. Burcu Biricik left a message saying “I love them all too much” and asked which one is the favorite character of her followers.

The followers of Burcu Biricik, who sometimes made the audience cry and sometimes laugh, also commented on the characters they liked.

The comments of the fans of the famous actress stating that they liked the character of Hülya in the TV series Flames Of Desire very drew attention. “Hülya Cevher is a world brand,” the followers overwhelmingly used expressions stating that they could not forget this character.

In addition, the character Dila in the Kuzgun TV series was also seen in the comments that were memorable.

Here are the characters Burcu Biricik asks her followers which one they like most …

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