Can the Yasak Elma series, which returns to the screens with its 6th season, continue in the 7th season?
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3 October 2022 17:31


Can the Yasak Elma series, which returns to the screens with its 6th season, continue in the 7th season?

Fox TV’s phenomenon series Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) returned to the screens with its 6th season. With its absurdities and intrigues, the return of the 147th episode of the beloved TV series Yasak Elma was the scene of quite colorful and entertaining moments.

Yıdız and ‘Ender’, whose two names, Eda Ece and Şevval Sam, who have not changed since the first day of the series, gave life to the audience, appeared in front of the audience with their usual form in the new season.

The 6th season started its journey with the change in the story of the Yasak Elma, which did not fall off the agenda with the discussions of “who left and who remained?” throughout the summer, and with the cast of new names.

While Yasak Elma returned to the screen with all its glory, the audience burst into laughter in the first episode of the new season! In the statement made by the production company last season, it was stated that this season will be the last season.

It was revealed with a statement that there is a possibility that Yasak Elma, which has also managed to be one of the longest-running TV series on the screen, will continue with its 7th season.

The sources informed by Milliyet newspaper television critic Sina Koloğlu indicate that the series may be extended depending on the developments in the sixth season, which is expected to be the finale.

For the sixth season of Yasak Elma, Eda Ece used the term “final season” and the series was expected to end at the end of the season. However, whether the series continues or not actually depends on the audience interest in the 6th season.

TV critic Sina Koloğlu surprised everyone with her post on twitter. The message is:

“I thought I’d ask, ‘Is this the last season?’ I got the answer, “We have such an intention”. But I understand that it will be looked at depending on the situation…. ”

This post also signaled that the door was left open for the 7th season of Yasak Elma.

On the other hand, the series started the new season with above-average ratings and achieved third place in all categories.

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