TV8 also participated in the race to captivate Latin America with daily serials with the TV series Canım Annem!
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3 October 2022 16:53


TV8 also participated in the race to captivate Latin America with daily serials with the TV series Canım Annem!

You know that there is a great interest from abroad in the daily serials broadcasted in Turkey and which remain on the screen for a long time. The daily series named Elif affected Latin American countries so much for a while that serials were created by many producers for similar purposes. In recent years, the successes of daily TV series such as Emanet, Yaralı Kuşlar, Yemin, Beni Bırakma have brought an important strategic perspective to television channels.

You know that Kanal D is preparing to screen a daily series called AAşk ve Umut (Love and Hope) in the new season. We can say that this series may be more fortunate in terms of sales abroad than weekly TV series. A similar development is taking place in tv8, owned by Acun Ilıcalı.

The daily series Canım Annem (My dear mother), which started in the past months on tv8, which has made important debuts in serials from time to time, attracted more attention in Latin American countries than in Turkey.

Do you know that 4 different countries in Latin America have bought the TV series named “Canım Annem” so far? The series, which has been sold to the markets of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru, will soon meet the audience in this country.

The series Canım AAnnem, which will be broadcast in Latin America as El Trece or Amor de Mama, shows that daily productions can bring a wide range of sales opportunities abroad, no matter how low their ratings are in Turkey.

The new series Canım Annem, which has been broadcast on tv8 since February, has once again revealed this fact.

The sales places of the series “Canım Annem” are not limited to these 4 countries. The series, which has been sold to 13 different countries so far, has gained significant success in the 6-month period.

The TV series Canım Annem, which started broadcasting on Mediaset’s Divinity channel in Spain in May, achieved good ratings and this situation allowed it to spread quickly to other countries.

outside Spain; Let’s also mention that there are channels from different countries that are interested in Canım Annem, which is sold to the leading TV channels of Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Israel.

The fact that even a one-day TV series like Canım Annem, which many people in Turkey do not know, has been sold to 13 different countries, reveals how influential the Turkish TV series industry has become.

While the famous television personality Acun Ilıcalı continues his journey with the competition programs on tv8, he also continues to give importance to the series. Apart from Canım Annem, the series of Tuzak (Trap), which will start soon, seems to be a project that can be sold to many countries.

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