Artists News The admiration of Akın Akınözü abroad existed until he became the face of a digital platform!

The admiration of Akın Akınözü abroad existed until he became the face of a digital platform!


The famous actor Akın Akınözü gained fans in many countries of the world after being known for his TV series Hercai. The impact of this project, which lasted for 3 seasons, was so great that Akın Akınözü is still remembered with his appearance in this series. In the next period, the actor took part in the series “Kaderimin Oyunu” (Game of My Destiny) and lastly Tuzak (Trap).

Especially the Tuzak series made its finale in the 26th episode, but it survived thanks to the interest it received abroad. Even if the ratings were not good in Turkey, it was a great success that the Tuzak series stayed on the screen for 1 season when its overseas sales were very good. It turned out that one of the countries where the series attracted attention was Russia.

Akın Akınözü experienced great pride as the face of a digital platform operating in Russia. The actor, who went to Russia for advertising shoots the previous week, said that he is in a cooperation that he is honored. Explaining that there are Turkish TV series on the digital platform and that the platform also bought Tuzak, Akın Akınözü expressed his happiness with the following words:

“A digital content platform in Russia, one of the largest digital platforms there. I became the face of their promotional film this year. There is a serious demand for our series. There is a section specifically for Turkish dramas only. We collaborated to promote it. It was pleasant, they were well received. It wasn’t cold at all, it was warmer than here.

I know they bought the Tuzak series. They said there. Hercai has already been published before. A lot of other Turkish TV series are already shining stars there. It is in great demand all over the world. That’s why they made such an offer. They made the face of the whole platform. How happy I am.”

Stating that she is well known in Russia, the actor stated that he enjoyed getting to know his while walking on the street and said, “It is a very pleasant thing, very enjoyable. It is an honor to be recognized even as you walk down the street,” he said.