Can Yaman becomes a very different person in the morning hours
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1 February 2023 11:40


Can Yaman becomes a very different person in the morning hours

Famous actror Can Yaman has made all the preparations and is waiting for the shooting of the TV series Sandokan to begin.

Can Yaman, who works hard in training and takes fighting lessons, is now ready for his new role… Fans of the famous actor are curious about many things about him… Can Yaman offers some details in his interviews from time to time.

The actor is very moody in the morning hours. Can Yaman, who had difficulty in coming to himself, said that he became quiet and moody in the morning hours.

The actor, who comes to him in the afternoon, can only be cheerful after the sunset. You can see Can Yaman like a different person until sunset. However, the actor, who regains his joy after the sunset, turns into a more positive person.

Can Yaman loves living at night. The actor, who also admits that he suffers from insomnia, still does not intend to give up his night life.

Can Yaman is an ambitious person and if he puts his mind to something, he definitely wants to succeed. After starting a desk job, thinking that it was not suitable for him, he wrote to an agency and then his acting adventure began.

Can Yaman showed himself in Turkey, but he made one of the most important decisions of his life by choosing Italy to continue his career.

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