Kanunsuz Topraklar is getting ready for the new season at full speed!
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1 February 2023 12:55


Kanunsuz Topraklar is getting ready for the new season at full speed!

For a long time, there was no sound from the new series of Fox TV, Unlawful Lands. Those who were curious about the series were also after a news to come. Fortunately, the news came from an actor of the series…

The first news about the Kanunsuz Topraklar series, starring Esra Bilgiç and Uğur Güneş, came about two months ago. It was revealed that Uğur Güneş, who left the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, will start a new series, and his name will be Kanunsuz Topraklar .

The news that the leading actress in the series would be Esra Bilgiç was on the agenda for a short time. Recently, it was announced that Kaan Taşaner, who recently starred in the Awakening Great Seljuk TV series, and Esra Dermancıoğlu, who also starred in Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, will take part in the Kanunsuz Topraklar series.

While all this was developing, there was not much news about the shooting of the series. However, this news came from the actor of the series, Kaan Taşaner. Taşaner told reporters a few days ago that the shooting of Kanunsuz Topraklar had been going on for 1.5 months.

The Kanunsuz Topraklar series, which will focus on the coal mines of the 1940s, will tell a great love story. Filming that started in Zonguldak will continue in Istanbul.

In the series, the impossible love between Malik Bey’s daughter Gülfem, who became rich by operating a coal mine in Zonguldak, and Davut, who works as a worker in Malik Bey’s mine, will be told.

Unlawful Lands, whose shooting continues, will be broadcast on Fox TV in September. The script of the series, which was singled out by Gold Film, is written by the master pen Zülküf Yücel.

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