Artists News Can Yaman heard the warnings and realized his mistake!

Can Yaman heard the warnings and realized his mistake!


Famous actor Can Yaman continues his career in Italy. The actor is preparing for his new series called Sandokan. Everyone now knows what a passionate fan base Can Yaman has, who has increased his popularity by taking part in different projects.

Can Yaman sincerely approaches all his fans who approach him on the street in Italy. Increasing his sympathy with his social media posts, the actor does not escape attention with his social projects for children. A recent move by Can Yaman, who has drawn sensitivity and empathy as a goal for himself, has drawn a reaction.

There have been forest fires in Turkey since the past few days. Forests burned in many provinces and regions… The whole country was mobilized for extinguishing efforts. For more than a week, this issue has been the first item on the agenda.

Actors also participated in the forest fires and acted an important role in both extinguishing and meeting the needs. However, during this process, Can Yaman’s posts on social media as if nothing had happened drew a reaction.

Many people wrote about this on social media, and Can Yaman must have noticed these criticisms, so he stopped posting on his Instagram account. Many famous names in Turkey do not share on social media or publish content on this subject due to fires.

Can Yaman’s insensitivity to forest fires was criticized in Turkey. The actor may live in Italy, but every move he makes is carefully followed in Turkey.

Can Yaman, who has 8.6 million followers on his Instagram account, last posted a holiday pose on July 31. Afterwards, he showed sensitivity by not sharing anything.