Can Yaman's description of an attractive woman fits Diletta Leotta!
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1 December 2022 13:02


Can Yaman’s description of an attractive woman fits Diletta Leotta!

Increasing his popularity in Italy with each passing day, Can Yaman is followed by the tabloid press. The actor, who has gained a large fan base in Italy as well as his fans in Turkey, is preparing for his new series called Sandokan. Famous actor Can Yaman is in love with Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta. Every step the couple takes is news in both Italy and Turkey.

Can Yaman, who has millions of fans, introduced his girlfriend to his family. Can and Diletta met with their family members in the Bosphorus. There was a lot of fun on the boat. Can Yaman’s fans wonder what the criteria of attractiveness are in women. The actor talked about his preferences in this regard in his interviews.

Can Yaman believes in the importance of energy above all else. Can also said that he likes elegant women with high energy and unique to him. The actor says the following in his interviews:

“The concept that the world stereotypes as a ‘beautiful woman’ does not apply to me. I am fascinated by women who have a worldview, experience and ideas, and have the spirit to make a difference in the place they are in.”

“I am attracted to compassionate, smiling, witty women. But it’s imperative that he stays a lady when he’s joking.”

“It should be chirpy, temperate, its expression, aura, energy, scent and tone are very important. At the same time, the person in my life should transform me into my best self.”

Is Can Yaman describing Diletta Leotta with these words?

The high energy and every mood of the couple also tells that Can Yaman has found the woman he was looking for.

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